Remas Group Of Companies

What we do

tagREMAS Group of Companies is a Omani Company Specialized in building Cleaning, Loading/unloading of goods, packing of the materials and other related activities with six hundred staffs. Remas is your reliable maintenance specialist with a proven track record. Remas undertakes all maintenance contracts and goods loading and unloading making the workflow smoother for various companies.

REMAS in collaboration with the customer we work closely to understand precisely what is needed and provide a professional, transparent and tailored cleaning solution. Encompassing a range of service solutions enables the customer to scale their services to meet their ever changing needs.

Why you need us

tagCleaning means different things to different people and different organisations. Common to all, however, is the need for clean and inviting internal surroundings that provide a healthy and effective working environment. Our approach is based on processes, methods, and skilled employees. This is how we ensure that the customer receives a detailed, professional, and consistent level of quality in the services delivered.

REMAS has trained manpower and quality equipments suiting for various type of cleaning job without delay. The management is focused in realizing the targets of our esteemed client and we work to the satisfaction of our client .We maintain high level of expertise for our staff and give them the opportunity to service clients professionally.